Kasey Chambers

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Kasey has a been a fan of Spell for years (and the feeling is mutual!) The love affair first began thanks to Bluesfest and Kasey has rocked Spell from that very stage to any day of the week. We were honoured when Kasey created a unique track for our Wild Thing campaign that perfectly evokes our collection vision.
Tell us about how you first discovered Spell?

I’ve been going to the Byron Bay Blues & Roots festival every year for the last 20 years. It’s my favourite music festival in the world. I love playing at the festival but my favourite part is wandering around to all the different tents, discovering different music from all over the world and meeting all the other Bluesfest lovers... Years ago I started seeing all these different girls wandering around the festival in these amazing outfits that I found so inspiring in the same way that music inspires me on a creative level. After asking around I started to realise these beautiful outfits were always by this local designer-SPELL. I had always been into fashion (despite what some of my early disastrous red carpet outfits would suggest-ha) but I felt an extra connection to Spell designs that I had never felt with clothing before. My love affair with Spell started then and has grown with every new collection.

You have rocked us on stage (and we are so flattered!) - why does Spell go so well with your aesthetic/music?

I LOVE wearing Spell on stage, red carpets, music videos, photo shoots and also just day to day wear. I think the reason I’ve connected to Spell so much is because I feel like their designs have so many different voices and feelings but always a cohesive thread that sets them apart from anything else. This is how I’ve always tried to create my music and my career. I have so many different feelings, sounds, voices, opinions, moods, thoughts but I always share what I do from an authentic, real place that is unashamedly ‘me’ so it always sounds like me! It always has my thread. I can go from feeling strong and powerful like I could take on the world to vulnerable and ‘not pretty enough’ but I like to put all these sides into my music in a way that inspires others to feel whatever they need to feel. I think that expressing yourself through clothing can be like therapy and a way of helping to find your true self. Spell has helped me do this.

Tell us about how this song came about?

When I first heard about the new Spell ‘Wild Thing’ collection being shot in the Australian outback this song ‘Wild’ started writing itself in my head! I felt I had to record it straight away and share it with the Spell team. I’m so happy they connected with the song the way that their designs connect with me.

Why do you think the feel of your music goes so well with an outback shoot?

I grew up in the Australian outback. I literally lived my childhood around campfire playing music with my family with the Nullarbor plain as my backyard. The outback of Australia is and will always be my home. It has inspired so much of my music and I feel such a connection to any images from there.

Tell us about the lyrics (particularly about Jack White's baby!!)

I feel like the lyrics wrote themselves as a lot of my songs do. I allow the images to inspire the song and I just follow along making sure the words match the sounds that evolve. Oh and I really want to carry Jack Whites baby. Doesn’t everyone??