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We have been following the lifestyle of the naturally stunning Vanessa Breuer for some time, wanting to work on a special project with her because her life in Ibiza with her family just felt so in-line with Spell! When Lady Amethyst was being designed and the inspiration was motherhood and femininity, Vanessa was the first person that came to mind to be our muse for this collection.
Tell us about why you moved to Ibiza

Luca was born in Sydney in 2014 and I wasn’t quite ready to buy a house, have a family… settle down in Australia in the ‘traditional way’. So with the money I had from selling my apartment we decided to travel around the world and we ended up in Ibiza. We only planned to stay one year but we traveled a fair amount in that time, and after the year passed we didn’t feel like we actually experienced Ibiza. So we stayed... I fell pregnant again... didn’t make sense to move... and we are still here!

How did you find your house?

We searched all over the island with different real estate agents and this house came up. It wasn’t on our list as it didn’t have a pool and was quite far up north but I was curious and wanted to see it anyway. When we arrived on the mountain our eyes started to sparkle, we had never seen a house like that before. Not one doorway is the same height, not one wall straight, not one area the same. It is a true finca (meaning farmhouse), built by people like you and me with their bare hands 250 years ago. When we saw the garden Luca got hungry so I breastfed her and thought this is where I‘d like to see her growing up. It just felt right.

What is it like raising children there - where were they born?

Luca was born In Sydney and Evie was born in our guest house in Ibiza. I had the most amazing birth and I will never forget this special moment being able to stay in my own house. I recovered really well from birth and spent the days sitting outside in the sunshine with Luca running around. I really love seeing my kids growing up on the mountain. They are wild and free and have nothing to worry about. We can open our front door and they can explore in the garden, scream as loud as they want and don't have to wear shoes (or clothes).

How do you do the mum/model travel life juggle?

It is HARD! I think i did a little too much traveling last year, I am trying to find a better balance this year. But it’s easier said than done as I never really know which job options come through and which ones don’t. One day I feel like I will be working nonstop and the next moment everything is canceled or rescheduled and I am worried about paying the bills. The one nice thing is, no matter what outcome - work or no work - I am happy. Either I can bring the money home or I can spend time with my family so really it’s a win-win situation. We are fortunate enough that my income provides for all of us, so Oddy stays home with the kids when I travel around the globe. He is an amazing father and he gives me the strength to go away for days/weeks at a time. When I am home I love spending time with the family, you rarely see us apart on the island. I love to cook for all of us. The kitchen is like meditation for me, it’s where I recharge my batteries.

How would you describe your 'off duty' style?

My favourite part of summer/warm weather is that I can just pop on a floaty dress and I am done. My style is super relaxed and easy. In winter I like cozy big jumpers and jeans.

What are your favourite labels?

Well I love Spell of course! I also love Doen and my favourite jeans are Rag&Bone. There are so many new little labels that I keep an eye out for, I think social media is a really good platform to support small businesses that might not have made it to a shop otherwise.

What is your beauty routine?

Last year I went a little crazy on the beauty routine... I saw some pictures of myself and really thought ‘wow you are starting to look old’ hahaha and I went crazy about anti-aging products, serums, oils, facials - you name it. So much so that I confused my skin and broke out. Too much of a good thing was just too much for me. So now I just wash and use a simple moisturiser. Hopefully my skin will calm down again because I really love using organic oils.