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Lisa Danielle


Vintage cars, Cuban cigars and all of the colours. Our Lisa Danielle visited Old Havana and went off grid for an old city adventure. Wearing the painterly palette and florals of Jasmine ~ a perfect travel companion. We asked her some questions we’ve been wanting to know, keep reading below...
Tell us what your favourite part of Cuba was?

My favourite part would have to be Old Havana (the original city), the beautiful architecture and colour of the buildings, the vintage cars rumbling down the little streets and the lovely locals. I also didn’t expect Cuba to be so tropical! A day trip out of the city shows you there is an abundance of tropical fruit and the prettiest beaches with bright turquoise water.

We heard you had no phone connection, what was that like?

Experiencing a lifestyle almost untouched by super modern technology (that keeps you connected 24/7) was truly special, at first I was nervous about being disconnected, but safe to say I ended up really embracing it and enjoying it way more than I ever imagined! (apart from the occasional worry that my loved ones were all okay). Time went so very slow, we had better conversations, we danced, we drank mojitos, read books and I even sat at our window many times just watching the world go by in awe. I promised myself I wouldn’t use my phone as much when I got home, but within a few months it’s safe to say i’ve been roped back into our very digital world!

We love all of the colours. cars and amazingness in your photos - was it easy to find cool places to shoot?

It was definitely one of the easiest places we’ve visited to shoot! In Old Havana every wall, building, car is so unique and photogenic, the locals were so friendly and didn’t mind at all! It also helped we didn’t have phone reception so we would spend all day wandering the streets, finding amazing little spots.

What is a typical meal like in Cuba?

A typical Cuban meal would be beans and rice. On our way there we did lots of research on travel blogs to try to find some great spots before we arrived (with some serious fear of not being able to google anything when we got there haha). Most blogs mentioned the food was terrible, but that’s just the way it was! But we were delightfully surprised that our air bnb host was a long time local who spoke great english and he took us to a few new great restaurants. A special one to mention is La Guarida ~ in the most incredible building full of history, art, a breathtaking rooftop bar & amazing cocktails. 

What is your go-to travel beauty product?

For the past few months i’ve been taking the Explore vitamins by BEAR, to help with my immunity while travelling! Also I don’t often get the time to sun bake, so for that fresh glow I’ve been really loving Elle Effect! Also moisturisers, SPF and hydration sprays are high on my list of beauty products too.

What was your favourite piece to wear on this trip?

Ooh hard to choose, but I would have to say it would be the Jasmine Midi Tunic in Lilac! It’s such a lovely shape, with silky soft fabric and such a beautiful colour! The perfect vaycay dress :)

Do you ever get sick of travelling with your husband? ;)

Absolutely not! We have sooo much fun exploring new places and shooting together, in fact when I come back home to work I miss him!