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On an Autumn evening, as the seasons are on the shift to cooler weather here, nestled in a quaint community hall in the hills behind our home, we gathered for an unforgettable experience to celebrate a purposeful collaboration with our friends at Outland Denim. Physically we were in Eureka, but Jenna Holmes (better known as Plant Mama, host of coveted Pasta nights in Sydney and Melbourne) transported us through a complete sensory experience to Rome, Florence, Tuscany and beyond. She completely transformed this little community hall into an artistic explosion of clashing colours, mix matched chairs, eclectic pieces, Italian disco soundscapes and bold flavours. 
We gather to learn, to grow from one another, and to inspire a sharing of information. We were honoured that Grace Forrest (Australian of the Year) came to guide a conversation between two bold leaders - our own Elizabeth Abegg, and James Bartle, Founder of Outland Denim, who are both working passionately to use fashion as a vehicle for change. Founded with the intention to create new opportunities for women who have experienced exploitation and endured unthinkable trauma, Outland Denim is a leader in the field of business for good. Outland has built a transparent and impactful supply chain for its denim line - right down to it’s own garment factory located in Cambodia where they offer training, stable employment and opportunities for growth. 
The evening was one of a lot of love, robust conversation, and of course our beautiful friends in our capsule denim pieces which we are incredibly proud of. And yes, you will spot a few sneak peeks of pieces from our upcoming Folk Song collection.  
Conscious Gatherings | Our Commitment
When curating events we do what we can to minimise waste, source local and sustainably grown food + florals, support a diverse range of creatives, use recycled materials and consider the environment in all that we do. 
With thanks to Plant Mama
Images by Tom Paterson