Staycay with Christina Macpherson

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You moved back to the Byron region in the height of the pandemic last year (including a hotel quarantine) after living in NZ for 5 years! What drew you back to the region?

It was more what drew me away to begin with, and that was love! I met my husband Tom 7 years ago in Byron and made the decision to move to NZ to be with him (at the time it was necessary for him to be there for work). When the world began closing down, we made the decision that it was time to be back closer to friends and family (both mine and his). We love NZ so much but for us it’s been the best decision to move back home here. We feel so grateful we were able to do it (especially given the circumstances).

We loved your writing workshop series during the pandemic - how did the idea come about?

Thanks! I begin every day with 15-20 minute creative writing exercises. These exercises set both my brain, body and mood into gear for the day. To do them daily creates a really positive habit in both creativity and mindfulness. I wanted to share this practice in lockdown  with people because I know how easy it is to get into unhealthy habits when things seem so uncertain. There was such a positive reaction to these that I created a 4-week creative writing course called The Cultivating Creative.

What does writing do for you?

I love language. I love how you can write in a style that is your own. It can be messy and full of mistakes, or it can be charming and full of tricky words, but whatever it is can be relatable to speak to someone. And when I string a good sentence together, or when I get a wave of magic and all of a sudden a whole paragraph or page has been written, I feel fulfilled. I feel I’ve added something unique to the world. Nobody even has to read it, it can go forever unknown, but if the passage or prose is good enough, I have this wave of pride that makes me feel so, so good.

When you can travel again, where would you go first?

I’d love to go to the Pacific Islands. I grew up there and know the communities have suffered and I’d love to support the tourism. I’d also love to go back to Japan, and spend a good chunk of time in Spain. 

What was your escape to Victoria's Ewingsdale like?

It was amazing! Victoria’s is 1 minute from central Byron but it could also be an 18 hr flight to Europe haha. It’s architecture and gardens are out of a European dream. It’s been in operation for 26 years this year and I’m so happy they’ve been able to push through Covid and continue to be open for guests.

What is it like working with your husband so closely?

I’m so lucky I have such a talented, relaxed, relatable husband. We spend nearly 24/7 together so it’s lucky we’re a good team haha. We’re both definitely still surprised we get to do what we do, we’re forever grateful for this way of living and life.

You always look so naturally gorgeous - what is your essential beauty product?

Lighting and camera angles haha! That’s so nice to say but really it’s not true, we all have good and bad days! I think sleep, a good moisturiser (I use chantecallie), water and a healthy sense of humour can take a few years off. Plus still - of course - lighting and angles  

What was your favourite Spell outfit to shoot?

I loved shooting the Juniper Shirred Dress - the pattern and the colours, the fit and the style - its my favourite! I also loved the Juniper Tiered Dress for twirling and flouncing about in.


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